Are assignments replacing jobs?

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Source: Times of India


Title: “Permanent job passé, work for multiple companies”


As roles are becoming more and more defined, the trend that is steadily carving a place for itself in today’s corporate world is the use of interim executives. More and more companies are slowly opening up to the idea of employees working in more than one organization.


When there are so many options to choose from, people are attracted more towards projects or assignments rather than a full-time designation. Moreover, who doesn’t want to be employed on their own terms?


A short excerpt: “What’s driving this change is the kind of choices available to people to work flexibly. Today, the nature of employment relation has changed driven by the choices available to both the employees and the employers. Many people, unlike in the past, are not seeking security of employment because the market provides so much of opportunity to be unattached and be on their own. Employers find this model attractive as they see cost flexibility given the volatility of the markets. This is a phenomenon that’s growing.”


Tapstart interpretation: The use of interim employees is completely in line with today’s fast-moving job market. Before you decide whether this is your cup of tea, here are some pros and cons that we feel exist with this trend.



    1. You get a change of scenery every now and then. This will ensure that you always have a new challenge and never get bored. You are not tied down to one organization and can experience different workplaces often. Moreover, you get to choose what assignments or projects you work on; not have them defined for you as part of a job role. In short, the choice is in your hands!
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  1. As an interim executive, you can bring a fresh perspective to the table. Working at the same place for a long time can definitely create more than a few blind spots. As an external consultant, you will not be hindered by these and can swoop in and save the day!
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    1. Although you will not have to tolerate office politics, you also may not be able to have long-term relationships with your colleagues as you are always on the move.
      'It's just a temporary title until the staff gets to know you.'


  1. Since you get paid per project, you will be less inclined to take breaks in between. Make sure that the extremely fast-paced nature of being an interim employee does not get to you.
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What are some other points you can think of? Do comment below and let us know.


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