Here’s How Fraud Recruiters Are Cheating Job Seekers!

beware of fraud job placement agencies

Bangalore Police recently shared this news on their social media page.


bangalore police arrests fraud job agencies



The Bangalore police crime branch announced that it has arrested fraudsters who have been cheating unsuspecting job seekers using fake job postings on job sites like and


People are furious about this. Here are some quick reactions from a few.


job seekers being cheated by fraud job placement agencies


More details are directly available on their social media news feed on Facebook and Twitter.


More than 1 Crore people get ready to enter the workforce each year, in India.


The number of jobs is not increasing at this rate, but the desperation levels of people to start earning good money are definitely going up. Starting an income, providing a good standard of living for your family and earning respect is critical in our society.


Taking advantage of these needs are crooks and fraudsters on the lookout for making easy money, by duping unsuspecting youngsters. Their technique is not too complex either.


Let’s see how the cheats are doing it:


1. Create a false company name

This is not too difficult as there are several ways of registering a commercial entity in India. A simple proprietorship, an unregistered partnership firm, a registered partnership firm or a limited liability partnership – all of these can be created by following standard procedures.

It’s not too expensive either.

Private limited entities are more difficult to open and shut down, so those are often avoided when the future of the business is uncertain. That’s how the genuine guys do it so that’s how the crooks do it, too.

There is no foolproof way to guess the intentions or character of an organization. Is there?


2. Create a fancy looking job posting

Now this is something you can just learn off the Internet by looking at the millions of job listings out there. These millions of job listings are another problem in their own way, but that topic deserves its own post, which I’ll cover later.

Go to any job site, which is trying to provide genuine value to its online customers (like,, etc.) and look at the content of job openings posted by other recruiters or companies.

Pick up the most lucrative and genuine sounding words like “MNC”, “high salary package”, “fast career growth”, “excellent work-life balance”, “guaranteed interviews” etc. and create your own mumbo-jumbo using those.


3. Provide an email address or contact detail that seems genuine

This requires no explanation, really. With easily available pre-paid mobile SIM cards, one can easily verify fake email addresses. Plus those same mobile numbers go as contact details on the fake job postings.


4. Wait for the fish to bite the bait

This is not really a long wait. With the huge amount of traffic that most popular job sites attract there are enough number of people who will unknowingly fall into the trap of applying to an attractive looking but fake, job posting.


5. Charge for guaranteed job placements

Once the crooks know that people have applied to their fake job postings, it’s just a matter of time when direct contact is established with the job seekers.


It’s been a practice for recruitment consultants, employment exchanges or agencies to charge money for helping with placements. Taking advantage of this practice, fraud agencies ask for money in exchange for help in getting a fancy job. People start paying because they don’t know if the agency is genuine or fake and that’s how the whole con job finally takes off.


Now once this process is well established, these crooks will just keep cheating and building their own bank balance.


Fortunately for us, more and more job sites are getting vigilant about this. However, it is practically impossible to verify millions of job listings so you’ve got to watch your own back most of the time.


3 thoughts on “Here’s How Fraud Recruiters Are Cheating Job Seekers!

  1. recruiters never cheat, the cheating is only done by these agencies, they want only heavy amount, they simply make a phone call, and the person looses the amount, they tell many stories, regarding the post,the payment, and also with a lodging facility, by the company. please it is a mere request, do not play with innocents, if you want to play tricks, play with chai wala.

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