Is poor spoken English holding you back from landing a job?



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“How English-speaking skills are keeping Indian engineers away from their dream job”


You may have aced your degree but if you are not able to communicate with your interviewer, you are not going to get that job you want. Poor spoken English seems to be the most common obstacle between Indian graduates and their dream jobs.


Even though most English medium schools have made it mandatory for students to converse in English, vernacular language is still more commonly used. Those who do speak in English are teased and quickly stop trying.


Once you step out of the shadows of your educational institutions, inability to speak proper English can seriously hinder your career advancement.


poor spoken english


A short excerpt:

“The key problem faced by engineers is pronunciation, followed by fluency skills, grammar and sentence construction. Engineers show a larger gap in elements of spoken English, pronunciation and fluency, followed by grammar, though they do relatively better in vocabulary and understanding English. As per the report, only 6.8 per cent engineers show the ability to speak or respond spontaneously.”


Tapstart interpretation:

You may be good at what you do, but the interviewer does not know that. All he/she can judge at the moment is your poor spoken English.


poor spoken english


This problem becomes even more prominent if you are interviewing for client-facing roles. Irrespective of what position you have applied for, fluent communication is one of the primary things employers look for. So if you feel your English is not up to the mark, then it’s time to brush up on your linguistic skills.


  1. Converse in English as often as you can. You can’t learn anything without practice!
  2. Record yourself. Listen and rectify your mistakes.
  3. Listen to English songs and watch English movies. This is probably the most entertaining way to learn any language.


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