Just starting your career? Which path should you choose?

A young graduate out of college often enters the corporate world with numerous dreams.

It’s as if all good things in life – professionally and personally are ready to pick up speed from this point on. No wonder that, the options must be weighed carefully as this first step can be a stepping-stone to a wondrous, fulfilling future.

You may have completed an undergraduate course in a stream from among the options given below:




The career path that you choose could be conventional, limited to a few well-known professions like engineering, law, medicine and management or could be an unconventional option.

Unconventional career choices are a great option for those with specific talents and provide great opportunities for early success. Celebrity management, event management, animators, food critics, video/radio jockeys, adventure tour operators and many more qualify to be unconventional career choices.

In this article, we will look at some of the conventional career choices.

Management: A young management trainee can learn and earn tremendous exposure in his/her early years, enabling a clear thought process on which specialization to choose during further studies. On-campus recruitment in management often take place by local corporate or multinationals from sectors like banks, BPOs, IT companies, retail, telecom and others.

 Entry-level positions: Financial Analyst, Trainee, Inside Sales, Branding Executive, Business Development Executive, Sales Executive, Customer Relationship Officer and Admin Executive

Medical: Considered as one of the most respected professions in the world, the field of medicine is vast, with a plethora of opportunities. Be it the administration side or the world of doctors and care givers, youngsters can make a start with internships, choose to specialize in their area of interest and walk up the path of growth.

Entry-level positions: Internships, Lab Assistant, Medical Assistant and Medical Records Technician

Engineering: Engineers are making the world function all around us! Be it manufacturing, research, design or process. The field of engineering offers a wide variety of career options. Careers in the field of engineering are considered prestigious.

Entry-level positions: Project Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer and Quality Engineer

Law: Traditionally, law is a profession that is passed down generations. However, anyone can choose it as a career option, with the right amount of passion. New age law is not limited to a black coat and the courtroom, like in the case of civil and criminal lawyers. Numerous corporate law career choices also exist nowadays like patent law and such.

Entry-level positions: Legal Secretary, Junior Legal Analyst, Associate Attorney and Company Secretary

Journalism: Creative and innovative minds can find the field of journalism exciting. It involves gathering, reporting and analyzing information through varied lenses and perspectives. Local publications, newspapers, magazines and television have a huge demand for journalists.

Entry-level positions: News Analyst, Reporter, Editor, Columnist, Commentator and News Correspondent

While at college, it is important to speak to professionals in the field, to network and get a sense of what the corporate world is like ahead. You may be more enterprising and may like to start your own business.

Whatever maybe the choice, go out there with full steam and make the most of it!

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