Millennials and Job Hopping

job hopper

Nobody lands their dream job in the first try. And so what do you do? You job hop until you find the perfect fit. This trend has been noticed to be growing particularly among millennials.


Irrespective of which generation you belong to, the reasons for changing jobs are sometimes quite common.

  • Low pay
  • Lack of flexibility with respect to work-place and hours
  • Little or no opportunity for career advancement
  • Company culture


Let’s take a look at the job hopping trends across generations:


job hop



As you can see, job hopping is not restricted just to millennials. One reason for this statement might be that the ones who make it are hiring managers who have a hard time retaining their younger employees. They have passed the age of experimenting with jobs and want employees who will stay on longer.


If you’re stuck in the wrong job, then it might be time to shake things up a little bit! What do you think?


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