Transition from College to Corporate Life – Made Easy!


Work life is not as simple as college!


Haven’t we heard this one too many times?


Transition is a form of change and having said that, it is constant. Preparing oneself to transition smoothly from college life to corporate life may seem exciting at first, but requires considerable effort and planning.


Corporate Essentials



Several questions may bother you at this new stage – ‘Have I chosen the right career?’, ‘Will I perform well on the job?’, ‘Will I be able to get along with other team members?’, and many more such thoughts. Here are a few suggestions on how to make this journey smooth sailing –


Take time out

It can be very rewarding to take out some time, even just a day or weekend to reflect on personal values and goals before the pressures and expectations from the new job begin. This may sound absurd, but even the basic increase in working hours can seem daunting during the transition phase. Different individuals may choose to use this time differently – spend time with family, learn new skills, settle in a new city where your new job is, etc.


Plan your dress code

Imagine waking up on the first day of your job with no clue about what to wear! Feeling like a fish out of water because of your clothes is the last thing you want. You cannot slip into jeans and a t-shirt like your college days. Therefore, prior knowledge about the organization’s dress code and ensuring that you have stocked up adequately is a good idea. It also helps in making a good first impression.


Yearn to learn new skills

My personal experience says that when you are enthusiastic about picking up new skills all the time, curious like a child, the transition into your job becomes much easier. Choose a mentor to guide you in your career path and always be open to learning new skills and subjects at the workplace. It may be a good idea to top up all that college has taught you with some new skills that will aid your work at your new job.


Hone your social and soft skills

Good business etiquette, courteous behavior and other social skills can go a long way to ensure the right first steps at your new job. Not only does it show you in good light but also helps in creating a congenial organizational culture. Also remember, email courtesy and email manners are vastly different from what you are used to in college so spruce up your email skills too!


In conclusion, companies spend enormous amounts of money to look for and acquire the right talent, so they are looking for enterprising and dynamic candidates who can make a relatively ‘immediate’ impact on the job.


Are you one such candidate?

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